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Sobaan Salt The Leading Water Softener Salt Manufacturers

Your Solution for Water Softener Salt Premium Manufacturer with Decades of Expertise

Salts Manufactured by Sobaan Salt

Are you looking for a reliable partner to supply pure, high-quality water softener salts for your residential and commercial needs?

You can rely on Sobhan Salts, one of the largest water softener salt manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. At Sobaan Salts, we offer the leading water softener salts to combat hard water problems. As an established water softener salt manufacturer and supplier, we have spent decades perfecting our water-softening salt blends. Our innovative formulas efficiently attract and capture the excess calcium and magnesium ions that cause hard water issues. With our water softener salts, you can finally unlock the power of pure water throughout your entire home or business. No more stained tubs or fixtures. No more spotty dishes or laundry. Just clean, residue-free water flowing freely through every pipe and faucet. By choosing us as your salts provider, you can be assured of top-notch performance from your water treatment systems.

Leading Wholesale Water Softener Salt Manufacturer
& Distributor

With our state-of-the-art production plants and nationwide distribution network, we can efficiently supply bulk orders to meet any project needs. Whether it’s regular home deliveries or large industrial quantities, you will receive prompt fulfillment from our experienced team.

Scaling New Heights in Water Softener Salt Production

Leveraging advanced technologies, we have consistently ramped up our production capacities to serve the growing market. Strict quality standards are maintained throughout various phases such as importing prime raw materials, overseeing computerized processing, and rigorous quality checks. This dedicated approach ensures our salts outperform industry benchmarks for softening power and purity.

Catering to Industries with Bulk Water Softener Salt Supply

As a major industrial and commercial supplier, we understand varied needs across sectors. Our specialized logistics facilities help customize pack sizes, from large 50kg bags to tonne loads. Rapid order scheduling allows just-in-time deliveries for business continuity. Explore our bulk purchase incentives and reliable supply agreements for cost-efficient operations.

Our Water Softener Salt Manufacturing Capabilities

At Sobhan Salts, our expansive infrastructure enables us to produce hundreds of metric tons of salts per month. State-of-the-art plants equipped with sloped ball mills, sieving machines, and blending systems assure rigorous quality control. High-end monitoring of moisture, purity, and grain size levels occurs throughout the refining process.

Private Label salt of Soban Salt

Custom and Private Label Water Softener Salt Manufacturer

Custom and Private Label Water Softener Salt Manufacturer

We offer private label and customization services for water treatment businesses. Variations in packaging, colors, and logos help you create distinctive salt brands. Regular quality checks preserve consistent performance under customers’ brand names. Let us take care of large-scale manufacturing while you focus on sales.

Wholesale and Bulk Water Softener Salt Supplier

With extensive warehousing, we guarantee supply security for large consortiums and nationwide retailers. Options include 25kg, 50kg bags, and bulk cylinders for seamless inventory management. Superior supply chain integration streamlines just-in-time ordering and last-mile deliveries across Pakistan.

Wholesale and bulk Salt Manufacturing of Sobaan Salt

Wholesale and Bulk Water Softener Salt Supplier

Industries We Serve As The Leading Water Softener Salt Manufacturers

As a leading industrial water softener salt manufacturer and provider, we proudly support various sectors with our extensive expertise.

Food Service

Processing units, dairies, and bottling plants rely on us to banish impurities for compliant operations.


Hospitals, medical labs, and pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on us for the highest quality softening required to prevent mineral buildup.

Water Softening Companies

We directly supply various dealers and retailers nationwide so they offer consistent softening performance.

Colleges & Universities

Educational institutions count on us to keep their water systems running smoothly and portable at all times.

Water Treatment Facilities

Municipal authorities and private operators manage water quality through our superior softener salt.

Our Water Softener Salt Manufacturing Process

water softener salt company

Raw Material Selection

Raw Material Selection

We handpick only the purest grades of rock salt from carefully vetted international mines. Strict purity levels of over 99.5% are mandated for key minerals. Multiple sampling rounds are conducted during procurement to ensure consistent composition.

Refining and Sieving

Imported salt is processed through a series of refining stages. Coarse grains are dried, crushed, and ground into a fine powder. Triboelectric sieves then precisely sort the milled powder into different micron ratings from 0.5mm to 2mm. The sieving protocols minimize variability between batches.

procuring of custom manufactured salt

Refining and Sieving

Dyring and dehydration process of Soban Salt

Drying and Dehydration

Drying and Dehydration

Tempered rotary dryers slowly eliminate moisture content without compromising crystal integrity. Dried salt is then rapidly dehydrated in fluidized bed dryers maintained at precise temperatures and flow rates. Near-infrared analyzers confirm moisture is lowered to less than 0.25%.

Precision Blending

Proprietary formulas are replicated through meticulous batch blending in computer-controlled Sigma blade mixers. Additives are metered along rails to achieve homogeneous solutions. The uniform density and composition of end products are verified through regular sampling.

Custom Road Salt Manufacturing Process

Precision Blending

water softener salt firm



Fully automated flexible packaging lines fill multilayered bags or pails at speeds exceeding 50 bags per minute. Multi-checkpoint inspections identify any defective bags which are immediately rectified. Filled bags are flushed with inert gas to maintain freshness.

Quality Assurance

Our on-site laboratory conducts daily, weekly, and monthly tests as per international standards. Tests include moisture analysis, grain size distribution, halite content, and contaminant levels through advanced analytical instruments. Only conforming batches progress further.

quality assurance of Soban salt

Quality Assurance

custom water softener salt storage process

Storage and Distribution

Storage and Distribution

Purified salt is housed in weather-proof silos covered with inert gas. Our specialized fleet equipped with temperature-controlled trailers ensures swift transportation under optimal conditions to client locations nationwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We manufacture rock salt granules in various grain sizes optimized for water softening applications. Options include 0.5-2mm, 2-5mm granules along with custom formulations as per requirements.

We accept payments via online bank transfer, cheque, cash, and major credit cards. Advanced payment, 30-day terms, and customized financing options are also available subject to policy.

All our plants are WHO-GMP certified and adhere to stringent global standards like ISO-9001 for quality management. Regular third-party audits also assure compliance with food safety and environmental regulations.

Yes, we ship worldwide through major carriers. Contact us for custom international quotes based on destination address and order specs.

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