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Are you searching for the highest grade Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Seeking a reliable himalayan salt lamp supplier and manufacturers who can cater to your specific commercial needs? Or you may want to expand your inventory with exquisite, masterfully crafted salt lamps from the mystical depths of the Himalayas. Then welcome to Sobaan Salts, where every grain and crystal illuminates our dedication to superb craft and quality. As your preferred supplier and manufacturer, we help brighten your business successes with our wide variety of premium Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Services We Offer

Private Label Himalayan Salt Lamp Manufacturing

If the aim is to develop a brand identity that reflects on each of your products , then our Private Label Manufacturing is your complete solution. Our brain-map at Sobaan Salts is expert in transforming your vision into reality. Being top rated bespoke himalayan salt lamp supplier and manufacturer, we offer custom made, beautiful, and compelling private-label packaging design

Wholesale and Bulk Supply of Premium Himalayan Salt Lamps

As the scale of business expands, ensuring timely inventory management becomes crucial and this holds true in the case of wholesalers and regional distributors as well. At Sobaan Salts, we understand your requirements and through our infrastructure and capacity, we tend to your needs. Count on us for sourcing Himalayan Salt Lamps wholesale, regardless of your order size.

Dive into Extensive Categories of Our
Our Himalayan Salt Lamps Bulk And Wholesale

We take pride in our wide-ranging variety of bespoke Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps to meet and exceed diverse needs. Whether you desire geodes of tranquil aura or distinct geometric aesthetics, we have you covered. Here’s a snapshot of our distinct lamp production.

Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps

These are the original masterpieces - slabs of pure Himalayan salt, each telling a different story through their unique shape, color, and size, beautifully resting on simple yet arresting wooden bases.

Geometrically Shaped Salt Lamps

Carve out a fresh angle into your customer’s space with our exquisite Geometrically Shaped Himalayan pink Salt Lamps wholesale. Perfect for those seeking an edge in the topicalities of life with these visually appealing lamps in diversified shapes.

Himalayan USB Lamps

Small, compact but equally impressive, these USB lamps are a marvel to adorn office spaces or living rooms, breathing vibrant health and refreshing abundance right in your personal space, wherever you go.

3D Salt Lamps

Our array of 3D Salt Lamps brings life and realism to otherwise inanimate objects- be it a football, a crashed spiral mousse, or an abstract form. They are an eccentric choice for those customers seeking something massively divisive.

Himalayan Fire Bowls

Introduce your customers to the enlivening charm of wide, mesmerizing bowls that cradle pieces of striking Himalayan salt crystals, held within. Bringing a new fire to conventional decor to warm the corners of a room or commercial premises, our Himalayan Fire Bowls are artistry encapsulated.

Night Lights

Designed to ignite the beauty of your night atmosphere, our Himalayan Nightlights come in handy, easily pluggable formats to bless you with the warm and tranquil glow of Himalayan salt. They are a perfect choice for maintaining equilibrium in any area.

Walkthrough of Our Thorough
Himalayan Salt Lamps Manufacturing Process

Sourcing salt lamps raw

Sourcing the Raw Material

Sourcing the Raw Material

We begin our process by treating the source with respect – selecting the finest quality, raw, non-refined salt straight from the Himalayan mountain ranges. Our experienced teams of geological experts survey the saline-rich areas to source the right type of raw salt blocks that can be crafted to produce quality lamps.

Cleaning and Pre-processing

The acquired salt blocks go through a thorough cleaning process, where unnecessary debris, dust, and impurities are deftly removed. They are also trimmed and reshaped to a more manageable form for precision crafting.

cleaning and sorting process of salt

Cleaning and Pre-processing

Master Crafting of Sobaan Salt

Master Crafting

Master Crafting

Our experienced artisans then carve these blocks into incredible shapes, including our unique geometrical lamps, each performing their craftsmanship with close precision and an eye for detailing to create stunning masterpieces.

Drilling and Fitting

These formed shapes undergo careful drilling to accommodate the light bulbs before they are equipped meticulously with high-quality fixtures, ensuring your safety amidst the sublime radiance of our lamps.

Drilling and fishing of salt

Drilling and Fitting

quality assurance of Soban salt

Quality Checks

Quality Checks

Our pledge towards quality assurance has us going the extra mile. Each salt lamp is carefully inspected and tested to ensure it delivers the most effective ionization, subtle warm glow, and excellent functionality adhering to our top-grade quality benchmarks.


Our lamps are then cautiously packed with eco-friendly, secure, and damage-proof packaging to withstand their journey to your desired destination. Our packaging, satisfying in aesthetic and functional parameters, embodies our dedication to delivering flawless products.

packaging and dispatch process of Soban Salt

Drilling and Fitting

Why Trust Sobaan Salts as Your Leading Wholesale
Himalayan Salt Lamp Supplier And Manufacturer?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every Sobaan Salt Lamp comes from the finest quality, raw, non-refined salt blocks directly sourced from the heart of Himalayan mountain ranges. Our dedicated teams inspect the saline-rich areas to ensure only the best quality salt blocks are selected for creating our lamps.

Yes, we do. Our dedicated team of craft masters at Sobaan Salts can transform your unique lamp designs into tangible models. You envision we bring it to life!

Yes, it’s our pleasure to offer Wholesale and Bulk Supply of Premium Himalayan Salt Lamps to our customers. No matter the size of your order, Sobaan Salts is equipped and committed to meeting your demands efficiently.

Yes! We offer Private Label Himalayan Salt Lamp Manufacturing for customers aspiring to build their brand. With our expert team, we ensure that your brand representation reaches your end customers in the most attractive and meaningful manner.

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