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Sobaan Salts

How We Started?

Mr. Akbar Hussain Rana started Sobaan Salts in the year 1971. At that time Sobaan Salts was engaged in the manufacturing & distribution of Salts Locally in Sialkot and nearby Cities. Sobaan Salts was started with 27 employees. Under the supervision of Mr. Akbar, this factory gradually faced success the 27 employees transformed into 50 employees. In the year 1985, Mr. Abid Hussain Rana the elder son of Mr. Akbar joined the family business and added some additional machinery for manufacturing Himalayan Salt lamps for a couple of exporters in Pakistan. Under his supervision company gets in contract with PMDC in order to mine the Himalayan rock salt directly from the salt mines which helps the company to extend Manufacturing capacities and distribution throughout the Pakistan market. In 2012 Mr. Rana Muhammad Saad son of Mr.Abid Hussain Rana joined the business and thought to export their products worldwide. In the meantime, the Company was registered with the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry and started researching clients globally which was the turning point that transformed us into one of the leading Manufacturers & exporters of Himalayan Salts and products got orders from the leading brands worldwide. From then on our continuous struggle to give the customers the best experience continued. We focused on providing the best quality items to our valued customers at the right time. We continued to grow gradually through innovation and new product design. We believe that customers are the best source of learning and we continue to learn by working with them. Sobaan Salts is the best organization, commercial support, logistics, and customer care services are facts of our commitment to our customers. We are satisfying our customers by providing luxurious items at reasonable prices with customization on the basis of International standards. Our products are developed using the latest methods, and machines and following all the international standards in production.

Salt Products We Manufacture

Himalayan Edible Salts

Recognized globally for its amazing health benefits, our Himalayan pink salt is pure, nutrient-rich, and an ideal addition to any diet.

Road Salt

Specially designed for managing ice and efficient de-icing needs, ensuring safer, clear driveways. Get through winters with our reliable road salt at your disposal.

Water Softener Salt

Lighten hard water issues with our effective salts, making your glassware shinier, skin smoother, laundry fresher, and extending the lifespan of your appliances by preventing limescale deposits.

Ice Melt Salt

For managing ice responsibly in colder months, our Ice Melt Salt offers premium packaging & formulations that are non-corrosive and environment-friendly—a reliable icy guardian at your service this winter.

Bath Salt

Crafted with the natural constituents, these salts are here to turn your customary baths into a not-to-be-missed luxurious spa experience at the comfort of your home, making each moment serene and refreshing.

Pool Salt

Comprising pure, high-quality sodium chloride, our pool salt can provide your swimming environments a truly sparkle-clean sensation.

Black Salt

An integral part of many Asian cuisines for its unique tangy taste and smoky flavor, it is a staple mantle piece in any well cared for masala box.

Epsom Salt

Derived from magnesium-rich mineral waters, the Epsom salt remains a well-kept secret for many health enthusiasts. Your go-to solution for relaxation and rejuvenation after a long, stressful day.

Iodized Salt

Commedating the perfect balance of flavor and nutrition our Iodized Salt is worthy of all your shakes, an epitome of good health and delicious aftertaste that keeps your thyroid functioning perfectly

Himalayan Salt lamps

Our salt lamps are handcrafted from unrefined Himalayan rock salt. Their warm glow and negative ions have soothing effects and assist in cleaning the air of allergens, dust, and microbes.

Services We Provide
As Top Rated Salt Manufacturer

How We Manufacture Your
Salt Products?


Salt Mining

Salt Mining

Salts are mined from ancient seabeds located high in the Himalayan mountain ranges near Pakistan and Tibet. The areas have extremely pure saline deposits dating back over 250 million years.

Dust Removal and Levelling

Large rock salt blocks are broken into smaller chunks and transported to our facilities. There, any dust or debris is removed through vibration screens. The salt pieces are then leveled into even sizes.

cleaning and sorting process of salt

Dust Removal and Levelling

Quality check of Sobaan salt

Washing and Inspection

Washing and Inspection

The preprocessed salt goes through an advanced washing system with filters to remove any remaining impurities. Each batch is then thoroughly inspected under lights and cameras to ensure only the highest quality salt makes the cut.

Drying and Grinding

The washed salt pieces are slowly dried in temperature and humidity-controlled chambers. This is followed by grinding the fully dried salt into fine or coarse grains depending on the specified product.

Drilling and fishing of salt

Drying and Grinding

procuring of custom manufactured salt

Sifting and Grading

Sifting and Grading

The ground salt is sifted through a series of screens and graded to achieve accurate grain sizes ranging from as fine as table salt to thick grains perfect for cooking. Electronic grading ensures consistency.


The graded salt is automatically filled into food-safe packaging bags or containers. Multi-head weighers fill meticulously to specifications. Packaging lines then seal date, and label the products ready for storage.

packaging and dispatch process of Soban Salt


Custom Road Salt Manufacturing Process

Quality Testing

Quality Testing

Random samples are pulled daily for comprehensive laboratory tests covering purity, microbial presence, and chemical properties. Only batches cleared by our strict pass/fail standards are released.

Storage and Distribution

Passed products are moved into climate-controlled warehouses for storage and order fulfillment. Our global supply chain steadily delivers Himalayan salts worldwide.

Pool salt manufacturing company

Storage and Distribution

Our Certificates

Quality service of Soban Salt
FDA Approved
Sialkot Chamber Of Commerce And Industries
United Registrar Of System
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