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Company Profile

our mission

Our Mission

To advance lives through the enrichment that nature’s essential minerals provide. Leveraging our expertise and global scale, we passionately work to deliver the highest quality salt products with unparalleled service. Our goal is to make healthy, effective, and eco-friendly salt solutions accessible to businesses and consumers alike. Our innovations will lead industry standards in meeting the needs of a changing world.

our vision

Our Vision

We envision a future where people from all walks of life easily incorporate the wellness benefits of REAL salt into their daily lives. Through continuous dedication to operational excellence, ethical practices, and environmental stewardship – we will become the undisputed global market leader and employer of choice in the salt industry. Our products will redefine health, nutrition, and taste experiences. Communities everywhere will access the best salt has to offer to enhance their quality of life.

Core Values


We believe integrity enables us to establish & maintain long-term relationships with each of our unique client partners as well as our employees. Open & honest communication in the work environment is the first key to highly successful organizations.


We firmly believe that innovation is intrinsically valuable and by that, we can find better ways to produce good quality products by optimizing our resources.


With a diverse range of experiences, we are confident that our talented team can help us to achieve a better business outcome for our organization in the future as well.

On-time provision

Utilizing the most advanced technology, Professionals and our commitment enables us to complete our targets on time.

Client satisfaction

We are steadfast in producing our products as per the requirements of our valued customers. We are offering unique services and remain responsive.

Safety, Health & Environment

We actively strive to provide a safe and healthy workplace to our employees and to act responsibly towards the community and environment, in which it operates.

Our Introduction

Sobaan Salt Is a leading salt manufacturing company that offers the most extensive list of salt and wellness products with customization options for any application. We have been serving global industries and consumers with premium quality offerings that are crafted with the utmost precision and care. Back in 1971, Sobaan Salt started as a small manufacturing unit in Sialkot, Pakistan. But through our dedicated efforts over 50 years, we now stand as the leading salt solutions provider globally. Sobaan Salt provides a one-stop solution for all salt, mineral, and wellness needs, whatever specifications you require – we ensure outstanding execution. With over five decades of experience supplying major brands and distributors worldwide, Sobaan Salt is the ideal partner for any business or project involving nature’s essential minerals. Rely on our expertise spanning sourcing, production, packaging, and distribution to develop tailored products that enhance health, nutrition, and quality of life. Our state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to excellence will support your success in global markets. As the most trusted name in the industry, Sobaan Salt is focused on partnering for long-term growth through continuous innovation, sustainability, and gold-standard customer satisfaction.

Our Capabilities

Sobaan Salt has the capability to produce all types of edible salts, de-icing salts, bath salts, mineral supplements, and decorative salt products. We offer customization across various grain sizes, color variations, and unique blends. Other than large-scale manufacturing, we provide specialized services including product development, formulation, packaging design, and custom orders of any size.


Some key factors that define our extensive capabilities:

  • 50+ years of experience supplying top global brands and distributors
  • Exceptional product quality backed by industry certifications
  • In-house R&D department constantly innovating new applications
  • Highly automated machinery capable of filling over 100,000 kgs per day
  • Monthly output of 10,000 MT for bulk commercial requirements
  • Up-to-date portfolio of 500+ standard and customized formulations
  • A talented team of 100+ production, packaging, and logistics experts
  • Robust quality control meeting food-grade and other stringent standards
  • State-of-the-art warehouses ensure reliable just-in-time fulfillment


At Sobaan Salt, we constantly strive to optimize efficiency and scale up production capabilities. Being manufacturers of various salt products, our monthly capacities vary depending on the type.

Our Current Manufacturing Capacity:

  • 6000+ Metric Tons of edible salts like Himalayan Pink and Black Salt.
  • 5000+ Metric Tons of water softening salts.
  • 4000+ Metric Tons of de-icing and pool salts.
  • 3000+ pieces of decorative salt lamps, tiles, and sculptures.

We Have Over 100 Machines Including:

  • 10 heavy-duty stainless steel grinders and crushers
  • 8 packaging lines with multihead weighing and sealing machines.
  • 6 automated salt block cutting and planing machines.
  • 16 mixing and blending vessels for customized formulations.
  • 5 salt tumbling systems for polishing natural bricks and tiles.
  • Small equipment like drillers, blotters, packers, and labeling guns.

By consistently modernizing our infrastructure, we aim to double current production numbers over the next three years. At Sobaan Salt, optimizing output capacity while maintaining the highest quality standards drives our commitment to customers.

How We Manufacture
Your Salt Products?


Salt Mining

Salt Mining

Salts are mined from ancient seabeds located high in the Himalayan mountain ranges near Pakistan and Tibet. The areas have extremely pure saline deposits dating back over 250 million years.

Dust Removal and Levelling

Large rock salt blocks are broken into smaller chunks and transported to our facilities. There, any dust or debris is removed through vibration screens. The salt pieces are then leveled into even sizes.

cleaning and sorting process of salt

Dust Removal and Levelling

Master Crafting of Sobaan Salt

Washing and Inspection

Washing and Inspection

The preprocessed salt goes through an advanced washing system with filters to remove any remaining impurities. Each batch is then thoroughly inspected under lights and cameras to ensure only the highest quality salt makes the cut.

Drying and Grinding

The washed salt pieces are slowly dried in temperature and humidity-controlled chambers. This is followed by grinding the fully dried salt into fine or coarse grains depending on the specified product.

Drilling and fishing of salt

Drying and Grinding

procuring of custom manufactured salt

Sifting and Grading

Sifting and Grading

The ground salt is sifted through a series of screens and graded to achieve accurate grain sizes ranging from as fine as table salt to thick grains perfect for cooking. Electronic grading ensures consistency.


The graded salt is automatically filled into food-safe packaging bags or containers. Multi-head weighers fill meticulously to specifications. Packaging lines then seal date, and label the products ready for storage.

packaging and dispatch process of Soban Salt


quality assurance of Soban salt

Quality Testing

Quality Testing

Random samples are pulled daily for comprehensive laboratory tests covering purity, microbial presence, and chemical properties. Only batches cleared by our strict pass/fail standards are released.

Storage and Distribution

Passed products are moved into climate-controlled warehouses for storage and order fulfillment. Our global supply chain steadily delivers Himalayan salts worldwide.

Pool salt manufacturing company

Storage and Distribution

Our Cultures

Sobaan Salts works hard at maximizing individual potential, maintaining an emphasis on product integrity, and cultivating an environment where creativity can flourish. A fundamental belief in our people and their abilities continues to be the key to our success. With the guidance of the seniors and a growing understanding of opportunities and team objectives, associates commit to projects that match their skills. All of this takes place in an environment that combines freedom with cooperation and autonomy with synergy.

Everyone can earn the credibility to define and drive projects. We help associates in the organization that will offer personal fulfillment while maximizing their contribution to the enterprise.

  • Fairness to each other and everyone with whom we come in contact.
  • Freedom to encourage, and help, allows other associates to grow in knowledge, skill, and scope of responsibility.
  • The ability to make one’s own commitments and keep them.
  • Consultation with other associates before undertaking actions that could impact the reputation of the company.

Quality Assurance

Sobaan Salts aims to maintain its leading position in manufacturing & exporting Himalayan salts by satisfying our respectable customers’ needs and expectations by providing consistent quality products backed up through:

  • Modern Research & Development Facilities
  • Mechanized Manufacturing      
  • Quality Management system

The Company is Confident to declare that through its intention and efforts, it can motivate employees, produce better quality items, and create a culture of continuous improvements.

Kaizen Policy

Sobaan Salts is focused on encouraging the suggestions given by anyone, which would be reviewed by the CI team. CI team shall announce the selected projects for the kaizen activities to save the process time and better production. After going through the implementation process a stage will come for review by encouraging the employees through defined incentives.

Employee Development Policy

It is the policy of Sobaan Salts to provide a healthy, clean, and safe work environment to our precious workforce. Through a healthy work Environment Company is ambitious to improve productivity and quality of products in order to gain customer satisfaction through continuous improvement by emphasizing policy practices.

Training & Development Policy

It is the policy of Sobaan Salts that the company’s T&D department shall provide all kinds of training to the workforce as per schedule to comply with the workplace standard. Through these sessions, the employee can develop their career by uplifting their capabilities. The T&D department shall adopt internal and external resources for uplifting the worker’s skills.

Career Development Policy

It is the policy of Sobaan salts to care about the rights of workers for promotion and career development. The company promotes junior to vacant up-graded posts on the basis of education, technical skills, and experience. Those workers who have been studying formal education or technical education, when they complete their education company rotate.

Employee Benefits

Life Insurance Policy

It is the policy of Sobaan Salts to provide group life insurance facilities to all workforce. This facility shall start after the completion of a probation period of 3 months. In case of death of any employee, the insurance company shall pay Rs: 200,000/- to the legal heirs of the employee. In case of accidental death of any employee, the insurance company shall pay double of the above mentioned amount. Premium will be paid by the company.

E.O.B.I Policy

It is the policy of Sobaan salts to register each and every employee with the E.O.B.I (Employee’s Old Age Benefit Institution) after the probation period of 3 months. EOBI Department pays the pension to the retired employees after the completion of the minimum period as per EOBI law. For this facility, the Company has to pay 5% of the total salaries of the employees to the E.O.B.I Department on a monthly basis.

Gratuity Policy

It is the policy of Sobaan Salts that each employee is given a gratuity equivalent to one month’s salary (last drawn) for each completed service year at the end of his employment as labor law. In case of the death of an employee, gratuity is given to his/her legal heirs.

Increment & Up-gradation Policy

  • Annual increments shall be granted to the employees according to their date of joining each year after performance evaluation.
  • Only those employees shall be eligible for the annual increment in the salary that has performed well without any misconduct, based on the recommendations of the concerned department in charge followed by the General Manager / CEO.
  • Those employees who have worked less than a period of 3 months will not be entertained with the annual increment.
  • Special increments & up-gradation shall be given only on enhancement in the employee’s responsibilities.
  • Final approval of Special Increment & up-gradation, application will go with the approval of the Director / General Manager.
  • Stoppage in increment may be reviewed on his bad performance.

Reseacrh & Development

Sobaan Salts has the well-equipped Research & Development lab. Furthermore, it has always been our goal to maintain full ownership and control of our own product line. Achieving this without a strong R&D is not possible. Hence the R&D has always constituted as large part of company, especially, in theoretical and best practices competence. At Sobaan Salts materials are tested before the starting of production. International standards are the practices of Sobaan Salts’s manufacturing to maintain the best quality of the products.

HSE Policies

Occupational Health & Safety policy Sobaan Salts is a company manufacturing & exporting Himalayan salts & products for international markets. We understand that our employees may have a hazard by performing their activities and using raw materials, natural and artificial resources. Sobaan Salts is committed to continuous improvement of its OH&S Management System for the achievement of healthy, safe and conducive environment. We are highly concerned about providing the healthy and safe environment to our employees and to avoid any hazards. We follow: 

  • Relevant Health & Safety regulation
  • ILO Conventions related to Health & Safety
  • Workplace Standard’s requirements

This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated at all levels within the company and is available to public for their interest.

Medical / Social Security Policy

It is the policy of Sobaan salts to provide the benefits of Social Security or Medical facility after the probation period of 3 months. Social Security department provides the workers with the facility of free medical treatment. This facility covers the medical treatment of the employee’s family for which our company is paying 6 % of employee salary on monthly basis.

Personal Protective Equipment Policy

Sobaan Salts is committed to provide PPEs to all employees where there is any exposure to potential hazards. Personal protective equipment plays an important role in reducing the effects of an incident on people involved in it. The company recognizes and shall ensure to provide the PPEs for the protections like: Head Protection, Foot/instep protection, Eye protection, hand protection and breathing protection etc.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

It is the policy of SObaan Salts to provide the safe & healthy working environment including protection from fire, accidents and toxic substances to our valuable workforce. We believe that safe & healthy working environment is the right of every employee and our company is committed to maintain and continuously improve the Health, Safety & Environmental conditions by adoption of Health, Safety & Environmental Management System.

Fire Safety Policy

It is the policy of Sobaan Salts to encourage and supports a high quality approach to maintaining a fire safe environment. Company shall make necessary arrangement to ensure the protection of workforce from any occurrence of accident / incident. To ensure the fire safety Company shall review the safety equipment periodically.

Smoking Policy

It is the policy of SObaan Salts that all workforces shall not be allowed to smoke in working areas. Only nominated areas shall be allowed for smoking near factory entrance gate. Moreover, company discourages smoking as it is injurious to health of employees and wastage of money.

HR Policies

Hiring Policy

It is the policy of Sobaan Salts that HR department would hire the appropriate person as per vacant job specification without any gender discrimination. The applicant will be treated according to their qualification and job requirement underconsideration of merit base. Moreover, HR department will hire the employee by use of all possible means like advertising in newspaper, chamber notice board, factory notice boards, banners on road etc.

Disciplinary Policy

Sobaan Salts adheres to the concept of progressive discipline in our effort to ensure a fair method of disciplining employees. Company will attempt to give its employees advance notice of problems with their conduct or performance inorder to provide them an opportunity to improve them. Disciplinary action may take the form of a verbal warning, one or more written warnings, and suspension or dismissal. The choice of options depends on the seriousness of the behavior.

Probation and Confirmation Policy

It is the policy that an employee shall be on the probation for the period of three months, which may be extended for further three months, depending upon his performance. On successful completion of the probationary period an employee shall become permanent and shall be entitled all legal benefits.

Child Labor Policy

Sobaan Salts has developed this policy by considering and implementing in the light of ILO conventions 138 & 182 already ratified by Govt. of Pakistan that a child equal or below the age of 15 years of age is not allowed to work inside factory premises or any of its workplaces or manufacturing process at any circumstances.

Social Accountability Policy

Sobaan Salts is committed to create a better working environment for its employees by implementing and sustaining social accountability requirements to provide and ensure their basic rights. We believe in educating our workers and supplier / contractors on the policies and procedures to maintain the highest ethical standards, conforming to: 

  • Labor Law of Pakistan
  • Workplace Standard
  • WFSGI Code of Conduct
  • SA 8000 requirements
  • ILO Conventions

The company is confident to declare that through its intention and efforts, it can motive employees, produce better quality products and create a culture of continuous improvements.

Community Initiative

  • Grocery Items for labor in Ramadan
  • Welfare on the Marriages of Poor & Needy Girls 
  • Aid for Widows 
  • Scholarship for needy but brilliant Students of different institutions 
  • Medical Aid for Poor & Needy People 
  • Pakistan Earthquake Help 
  • A Cricket Academy is being run with complete financial support to flourish Sports Talent in the Community.
  • Providing funds to SCCI for Child Labor Elimination Program 
  • Providing health Care Medicines and Electric Appliances for the prisoners of the Central Jail Sialkot.
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