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Ice Melt Salt Manufacturers
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Ice melt salt supplied by Sobaan Salt

Introducing Sobaan Salts, your premier choice for the most reliable ice melt salt on the market

We are globally recognized as premier ice melt salt manufacturers and suppliers, helping make winter safer for businesses of all sizes. We bring you closer to an effortless icy winter management with our finest salt products. As property managers, business owners, contractors, and municipal workers, you need an ice control partner you can rely on. For over 10 years, Sobaan Salts has been a leading provider of premium ice melt solutions, helping customers across multiple industries conquer winter’s worst conditions.

Our Capabilities As Your Custom Ice Melt Salt Manufacturer And Supplier

Our mission at Sobaan Salts is not just to sell a product, but to provide a complete, tailored ice control solution that addresses your specific needs. Thus, we present ourselves as your reliable winter partner, fully dedicated to helping you acquire the highest level of winter preparedness.

Private Label salt of Soban Salt

Custom Bath Salts Manufacturing

Private Label Ice Melt Salt Manufacturer

As leading Ice Melt Salt producer and distributor, we extend our efforts beyond standard procedures to provide private-label manufacturing. We strive to equip your business with quality ice melt salts, produced in compliance with your specific requirements and dimensions, and packaged uniquely under your brand.

Wholesale and Bulk Ice Melt Salt Manufacturer Supplier

We believe in facilitating all snow and ice removal businesses regardless of size. Whether you need pallets or full truckloads, we’ve got you covered. Through our effective supply chain and warehousing capabilities, we assure prompt and consistent delivery of our best-in-class ice melt salts.

Wholesale and bulk Salt Manufacturing of Sobaan Salt

Wholesale and Bulk Ice Melt Salt Manufacturer Supplier

Explore Our Selection of
Premium Ice Melt Salts

Rock Salt

Our rock salt offers superior ice melting capacity cost-effectively. Enhanced and reliable ice control enables professionals to enhance safety in driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and other essential common areas.

Calcium Chloride

Our calcium chloride offers a quick and effective solution to icy surfaces under extremely cold conditions. It instantaneously absorbs moisture from surroundings and creates heat to melt ice, making it a critical component to formulate ice melts preferred by professionals.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride provides an environment-friendly and pet-safe solution for icy surfaces. It not only works fast but continues to work at low temperatures, proving to be an effective ice melter.

Industries We Serve

Road And Highway Managment

Road and Highway Maintenance

Our ice melt products are trusted by highway and road crews across the country to combat hazardous freezing conditions. State departments and contractors can count on our high-performing solutions for fast melting action, protective surface coatings, and extended freeze-thaw cycles.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property Management

Business parks, shopping centers, and public places need extra safe premises during winter. Our ice melt solutions provide you with superior coverage, maximum melting power, and minimum reapplication, making walkways and driveways safe for both customers and employees.

Residential Communities

Residential Communities

Our products keep driveways, walkways, and communal areas free from snow and ice in residential communities. We provide ice melt solutions for individual homeowners, residential management companies, and local markets, ensuring residents can safely navigate their neighborhoods, even in severe weather.

Retail Stores and Restaurants

Retail Stores and Restaurants

Our ice melt solutions keep safety and cleanliness at the forefront, maintaining clear, accessible entrances for customers at retail stores and restaurants. We ensure that snow and ice are effectively managed without damaging buildings or impeding business.

Benefits and Applications of
Our Ice Melt Products

Ice melt salt provider

Sourcing the Best Ingredients

Exceptional Ice Melting Capacity

Our ice melt salts are crafted to perform exceptionally under harsh winter conditions. They greatly enforce measures against winter hazards, providing a highly efficient ice-melting capacity. Whether you’re encountering freezing rain, heavy snow, or icy sidewalks, Sobaan Salts will deliver rapid and effective melting – making it a trusted choice in the market.

Enhanced Winter Safety

As a renowned Ice Melt Salt producer and supplier we help bear the responsibility of public and societal safety during winters. Our products ensure reduced slip and fall incidents, promoting safer streets, highways, parking lots, and other pedestrian-communal spaces. The enhanced safety coupled with peace of mind makes our ice melt salts notable across diverse sectors.

Enhanced Winter Safety

Expert Blending for Optimal Infusion

Products to prevent slip and fall incidents

Ingenious Processing Under Strict Quality Control

Prevent Slip and Fall Incidents

Our products help to dramatically decrease slip-and-fall incidents, a leading cause of winter injuries. Through aggressive ice melting, our products reduce the risk of accidents on sidewalks, driveways, and entryways, making public spaces and workplaces safer.

Convenience and Ease of Use

With the variety of types of salts and their respective packaging, we ensure ease of application in a variety of scenarios. Our products are designed to act quickly and last, ensuring you maximize your winter safety with minimal effort. Sizes of our products range from 10-20-pound bags for small business and residential use to bulk supply for large-scale commercial and industrial operations.

Ice melt salt factory

Expert Blending for Optimal Infusion

Cost effective Ice melt Salt

Ingenious Processing Under Strict Quality Control

Cost-Effective Ice Control

While offering a myriad of ice-melting salts, Sobaan Salts remain cost-effective. Our premium quality ice melt salts reduce the required amount of application, which in turn curtails the overall maintenance cost. That makes Sobaan Salts a sensible choice for all-scale businesses and governments.

Our Step By Step
Ice Melt Salt Manufacturing Process


The manufacturing process of our ice melt salts begins with the extraction of raw salts from our dedicated reserves. Following sustainable practices, we ensure the controlled mining of salt.


The extracted raw salt is then crushed to desired granule sizes, making it suitable for melting ice in various scenarios.


Depending on the unique requirements, base rock salt is then mixed with various other essentials like calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, etc., creating the perfect ice melt blend.


The final product is then bagged in biodegradable materials in an array of sizes to support different client needs.

Quality Inspection

Every product is checked across all the parameters to ensure delivery of the highest quality ice melt salt to our clients.


In the end, the bags are sealed and ready for shipping. Timely distribution is guaranteed through our well-connected supply chain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can provide you with mixed pallets that consist of a variety of different products. Please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to accommodate any specific requirements you might have.

Yes, Sobaan Salts offers private label manufacturing to make sure our clients receive the exact product they need. You get to choose the blend, packaging, and labeling.

Generally, ice melt salts are safe to use on most surfaces. However, it is always advisable to check the manufacturer’s instructions for usage to ensure it doesn’t harm certain sensitive surfaces like decorative or paver stones, aged brick, or concrete.

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