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Himalayan Salt Manufacturers
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Strength in Minerals. Quality that Carves Magic. Partner with us for exceptional Himalayan Salt manufacturing services

himalayan salt maufacturing by Sobaan Salt

Looking for the magical wonders of pure, 100% natural Himalayan salt carved and crafted in the forms of natural beauty just for your diverse needs?

Or perhaps, you’re looking for reliable Himalayan salt manufacturers,  who can extend their Himalayan salt manufacturing capability to help you establish a name in the industry? Welcome to Sobaan Salts, your ideal partner for all types of Himalayan salt!

At Sobaan Salts, we leverage our deep-rooted expertise and the strength of rich Himalayan minerals to extend bespoke Himalayan salt solutions – regardless of the volume of your need. We are committed to being the bedrock of excellence in the Himalayan salt industry that exudes quality and carves magic into the products we create. Your vision – our mission!

Custom Himalayan Pink Salt Manufacturers And Suppliers. Your Bedrock for Excellence

Every grain of salt we produce is a direct result of the synergy between our premium Himalayan salt mines, our certified salt experts, and our commitment to excellence. It is a long list of custom-business-minded decisions that convert the vast domain of mineral-rich Himalayan salt into superior salt commodities. As one of the top-rated Himalayan salt producers, We pride ourselves in skillfully tailor-making each business demand of diverse industries around the world. Being a gateway to colossal sources of Himalayan salt claves, we fuse this energy into our operations, extending unparalleled Himalayan salt solutions with Sobaan Salts as your partner.

Services We Offer - Harness the Power of Superior Himalayan Salt Manufacturers

Private Label salt of Soban Salt

Private Label Himalayan Salt Manufacturing

Private Label Himalayan Salt Manufacturing

Longing to carve your niche in the Himalayan salt market and own your brand’s charm? With Sobaan Salts at your side, bring that dream into reality. Be it your preferred variety of salts, customized packaging options, or your brand equity, we have got you covered. As the premiere Himalayan salt distributor and supplier, we go beyond general practices, placing your branding first in our manufacturing units to let your consumers experience the unrivaled purity and wellness of your exclusive Himalayan salt line.

Dedicated Wholesale and Bulk Supply Solutions

At Sobaan Salts, our mission is to support your big dreams with bigger efficiency! Likewise, we offer wholehearted, effective, and timely wholesale and bulk supply solutions for businesses of all scales. As a part of our sustainable approach, we stay updated with market trends and demands in the Himalayan salt industry, ramping up our stocks in advance to guarantee smooth timely deliveries, and tackling sudden demand surges. It doesn’t matter if you cater to a local or international market variant, with us, prepare to take your salt business exactly where you desire.

Wholesale and bulk Salt Manufacturing of Sobaan Salt

Dedicated Wholesale and Bulk Supply Solutions

Explore Our Remarkable
Himalayan Salts Catalog

Edible Himalayan Salts

Our edible Himalayan salt is unmatched, both in taste and nutritive value. Mined and processed with utmost finesse, our meticulously cast grain salts enhance every recipe with minerals, balmy texture, and aroma. It’s no ordinary salt; it's a makeover for your cooking prospects.

Himalayan Bath Salts

Imagine turning your standard bath into a luxurious spa retreat - our Himalayan Bath Salts make it possible. Rich in essential minerals, they offer the ultimate bathing experience; soothing your body, aiding sleep, and making your skin glow like never before.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Market your products with a glow to match, literally! Our carefully handcrafted Himalayan Salt Lamps convert any ordinary room into an ambient haven, removing negativity and purifying air. Their gentle soothing light provides  perfect aesthetic appeal.

Himalayan Salt Room Bricks And Tiles

Perfect for developing atmospheric salt rooms and caves, they garner an incredible backdrop for your spas, homes, or therapy centers by turning any given space into a soothing, therapeutic sanctuary.

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

 Let our Himalayan Salt Candle Holders bring an ethereal light into your space. Their cool pink hues add a surreal touch to every room while releasing a warm, enchanting glow upon lighting your candles.

Himalayan Animal Salt Licks

Offering wellness to your livestock has never been so easy. Promoting a healthier source of minerals and trace elements, our Animal Salt Licks are  ideal for the holistic efforts of our farming partners.

Enrich Your Space With Our Stellar
Home Decor Himalayan Products


Geometrical Shaped Lamps


Himalayan USB Lamps


Himalayan Fire Bowls


Himalayan Night Lights


3D Salt Lamps


Wooden Baskets


Iron Baskets


Himalayan Plates

Enhance Your Wellness With Our
High-Quality Himalayan Salt Products

Aroma Diffuser

Enjoy the therapeutic healing and uplifting energy of diffusing essential oils complemented with the natural purifying properties of our Himalayan Salt Aroma Diffusers. Create tranquil surroundings that are perfect for meditation, relaxation, or a peaceful night's sleep.

Foot Detox

Revitalize and restore the health of your feet with our Himalayan Salt Foot Detox tiles. A natural way to cleanse your body, it leaves you feeling refreshed, rebalanced, and rejuvenated.

Salt Inhalers & Neti Pots

Experience the age-old practice of salt inhalation therapy in your own home with our Himalayan Salt Inhalers and Neti Pots. The perfect solution for breathing issues, allergies, and sinus problems.

Infuse Your Kitchen With Our
Awe-Inspiring Himalayan Salt Products

Salt Crockery

Our uniquely hand-crafted, reusable salt crockery adds a subtle hint of rich Himalayan salt flavoring to your dishes. Convert your regular presentations into fascinating culinary delights and boost the aesthetics of your meals.

Salt Crockery

Our uniquely hand-crafted, reusable salt crockery adds a subtle hint of rich Himalayan salt flavoring to your dishes. Convert your regular presentations into fascinating culinary delights and boost the aesthetics of your meals.

Salt Plates

Bike up your BBQ with our reusable cooking salt plates which ensure your food harbingers from direct heat. As your grills heat up, our salt plates respond independently by providing a sealed crust of appetizing flavor.

Salt Plates

Bike up your BBQ with our reusable cooking salt plates which ensure your food harbingers from direct heat. As your grills heat up, our salt plates respond independently by providing a sealed crust of appetizing flavor.

The Industries We Proudly Serve

An Insight into our Himalayan Salt
Manufacturing Process

himalayan salt Custom



Our initial operations include diligent geological surveys and secure mining of the rock-solid Himalayan pink salt parented underneath the Earth’s crust around the Himalayan belt.


Post exploration, we undertake segregated operations of manual extraction and removing impurities – ensuring the jewels of pink salts interact minimally with audacious contaminants from open-air mining.

himalayan salt providor


cleaning and sorting process of salt

Cleaning and Sorting

Cleaning and Sorting

We then move on to a cleaning and sorting process to create a semblance amidst the naturally varied shapes and sizes that rocks come in. These clean, categorized salt blocks then undergo the process of refinement and modification.


At Sobaan Salts, every product we offer is thoughtfully curated, keeping its end purposes, market value, and powerful brands in mind. For instance – Salt bricks pass through multiple processes of chiseling, cleaning, drying, and final multi-testings right before they are shipped out to create restorative wonders in your backers or homes.

Custom Road Salt Manufacturing Process


Master Crafting of Sobaan Salt

Quality Checks

Quality Checks

Keeping intact the integrity and organic glamour of our Himalayan salts, thorough quality checks are mandatorily driven just before the final packaging and dispatch happen. As renowned Himalayan salt manufacturers, we carry extensive checks for mineral content, moisture absorbance, flavor profile, and physical appearance among several other parameters tailor-made solely for each product type.

Packaging, Label and Dispatch

Keeping environmental sustainability on the frontlines of our operation, we use eco-friendly, robust packaging materials that preserve the integrity and freshness of our products until they reach your thresholds. Our shipping process is consistently refined, ensuring swift, secure, and cost-effective deliveries.

packaging and dispatch process of Soban Salt

Packaging, Label and Dispatch

Why Choose Sobaan Salts ?
One of The Leading Himalayan Salt Manufacturers

Client's Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Sobaan Salts offers bulk ordering of all our Himalayan Salt products. Reach out to our sales team for detailed order, shipment, and pricing structures.

Absolutely! We provide complete private labeling services. Our team can help you develop and establish your own unique brand identity in the Himalayan salt market.

Himalayan Salt is a natural product that doesn’t degrade over time. Theoretically, its shelf-life is infinite. After all, the Himalayan Salt you order from us has already been waiting splendidly within the Earth’s crust for several million years!

Sobaan Salts maintains the highest quality standards from raw material sourcing to delivery. Our Q.C department conducts rigorous tests to consistently ensure our Himalayan Salt and salt-made products meet and exceed global safety and quality guidelines. A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) could be issued upon request per order.

Yes, we understand the cruciality of your decision-making process. At Sobaan Salts, we are happy to send samples of our Himalayan Salt products to support safe, thoughtful, and confident steps in our partnerships.

The average delivery lead time is 2-3 weeks However, the exact span hinges extensively on the order quantity, type, and the time of order.

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