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Explore The Ultimate Guide On How To Clean A Salt Lamp With Hassle Free Cleaning Techniques

How to Clean a Salt Lamp

Are you looking to learn how to clean a salt lamp? Because it is fragile and delicate thus having the risk of breakage and being soluble in water, so contact with water can damage it. Don’t worry! In this comprehensive blog you’ll get a complete tutorial from the required tools or supplies to the step of drying it, enabling you to clean safely and efficiently.

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Unlock The Secrets And Discover The Easy Yet Best Practices Of Cleaning A Salt Lamp Effortlessly

Before exploring the steps how to clean a Himalayan salt lamp; it is also essential to know why its cleaning is important and its benefits.

Maintaining efficiency:

The dust and dirt gathered on the surface of the lamp can affect its efficiency. It can cause hindrance in its ability to emit negative ions effectively. So its proper cleansing is important to ensure optimal ionization.

Preserving aesthetics:

cleaning process of salt lamp

As salt lamps are decorative pieces, dirt can dull their appearance. To maintain their natural beauty it is also necessary to clean it.

Avoiding potential risks:

Dust on the lamp’s surface can cause discoloration or the lamp can emit odors when heated. That’s why its cleansing is essential to prevent such issues.

Health considerations:

 Salt lamps also have some health benefits like air purification through negative ions. Regular cleaning can help in maintaining these benefits.


 Salt lamps can deteriorate or weakened if they are exposed to moisture and excessive dirt for prolonged period. So, their cleaning can preserve their structural integrity.

Safety considerations:

Dust accumulation in the socket can cause fire or electric issues. Proper cleaning can reduce such risks

Now let’s talk about the tools or supplies which are required to clean a dirty salt lamp.

Required material:

The process of cleaning a salt lamp requires some specific tools and supplies which won’t damage its fragile structure.

Dry microfiber cloth:

Always use a soft and dry microfiber cloth to clean the dust on the surface of a salt lamp. As salt is soluble so wet cloth can damage it. 

Soft-bristled brush:

For cleaning a salt lamp, use soft bristled brushes which may not damage its delicate surface. Brushes are really helpful for intricate designs.

Plastic or wooden tools:

Sometimes, salt lamps have stubborn dirt. To gently remove the stubborn dirt, non-abrasive plastic and wooden tools are best.

Lint-free cloth for polishing:

After cleaning, a lint-free cloth can be used to give it a polished touch and bring out its natural shine.

Step By Step Process

Moving ahead, now let’s come to know how to clean a dusty salt lamp step by step.

Unplug the lamp:

Cleaning process of salt Unplug the lamp

First and the most important step of cleaning a salt lamp is to unplug it because safety comes first. So before cleaning a salt lamp make sure that the lamp is unplugged.

Let it cool:

Cleaning salt Lamp By Sobaan Salt

If the lamp was on then let it cool completely. Because it can harm you and when you clean a hot lamp, then changes in temperature can also cause damage and cracks.

Take off the bulb:

Then carefully take off the bulb and put it in a safe place. By taking off the bulb you can also clean the socket easily and can get access to the whole lamp surface.

Use a dry cloth:

Use a soft and dry microfiber cloth to clean the dirt and dust from the surface of the lamp. Don’t rub it harshly rather dabs it gently from the top to the down.

Brush the intricate areas:

To clean the narrow and intricate areas, use a soft-bristled brush.

Remove stubborn spots and dirt:

Remove Spots And Dirt from Salt Lamp

If lamp has the stubborn spots and dirt then use non-abrasive plastic or wooden tools like a soft spatula and wooden scraper.

Clean the base:

Use a brush and gently remove the dust from cervices. Then use the cotton swabs to clean the compacted dust. After that, vacuum the inside and electric cord and never do the wet clean for base or socket.


If you want to get a more polished look and enhance its natural shine then use a lint-free cloth. You need to be very gentle and careful for this step.

Let it Dry:

Before using it let it dry completely. It will assure that no dampness is left that can cause the salt to dissolve when heated.

Some additional tips for how to clean a salt rock lamp:

  • Avoid using the harsh chemicals, they can damage it or even change its appearance.
  • Never use water, liquid cleansers and wet cloths directly on the lamp because moisture will dissolve the salt.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners, which can damage it.
  • Don’t put excessive pressure or force that can cause salt crystals break or chip off.
  • Handle it gently to avoid the breakage or crack.
  • Clean it in daylight to see the spots and dirt clearly.
  • Check any damage before using it, to prevent the leaking or sweating.

How to tackle the salt sweating or leaking after cleaning:

If your lamp starts sweating or leaking after cleaning, you don’t need to be panic! It can be due to moisture and not drying up completely. Following these step you can stop it.

  • Immediately unplug your lamp and let it extract the excess water.
  • Dry the surface with absorbents.
  • Use a hairdryer on a cool setting, in order to dry the lamp, socket and base, wholly.
  • Examine the cracks where water could have penetrated.
  • Once 100% dry, you can plug it in again. Leaking should stop.

How to fix the salt lamp damage during cleaning:

Although careful handling  reduces the chances of damage but accidents still can happen even with caution. Here are some tips to fix such problems.

Cracks and ships:

  • Flatten the rough and harsh edges with fine sandpaper.
  • Fill the cracks with salt lamp repair putty.
  • Avoid using wet cloths to prevent the further damage


  • Buff the abraded spots gently with a microfiber cloth.
  • Change the lamp’s position to avoid the further abrasion during use.
  • Be more gentle and careful while dusting in order to stop more scratching.


  • Sweep and immediately throw away the shards to prevent cuts.
  • Paste the small broken parts back together with putty.


To summarize, salt lamps are beautiful and believed have some health benefits that’s they have become an important household item. But its cleaning is essential to maintain its beauty and functionality. In this comprehensive blog I’ve discussed all the aspects, from the importance of its cleanliness, required materials, step by step process to the handling of the problems which you might face. After reading it you are well equipped and know how to clean a salt lamp and renew and illuminate it seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the environment. Generally, once a month is enough but dusty and humid environment can require more frequent cleaning.

Direct sunlight can cause the salt lamp to sweat or dissolve. So it’s better to avoid it.

Place the lamp in a less dusty area and cover it with a cloth or a cover when not in use. This can help you in reducing the dust accumulation.

Salt lamps have some health benefits such as;

  • Purify the air
  • Boost your sleep
  • Relief asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Increase energy level

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